This is the story of a girl group that touches our hearts: Twice

by Helen Bosch
twicetagram: lane 2 album cover pinktwicetagram: lane 2 album cover pink

The nine-member girl group Twice is best known for their cute concepts and upbeat music. It didn't take the group long to reach the top of the charts, and today it's hard to imagine the K-pop scene without them! However, the road to the debut of the girl group as we know it today was not entirely straight. For example, it would not have taken much and Twice would have seen the light of day with only seven members!

Let's take a look at the creation of Twice together!


Originally, a new girl group was supposed to debut under JYP Entertainment around 2014. The debut of the last girl group "Miss A" was more than 3 years ago and the only other girl group of the agency, Wonder Girls, took a break. In fact, there was also already a trainee group called "6MIX" preparing for a debut of six. 6MIX originally consisted of Cecilia, Lena, Minyoung, Nayeon, Jeongyeon, and Jihyo, who was called Jisoo at the time. The last three later debuted in Twice. Cecilia left JYP Entertainment in early 2014 and was replaced by Sana. Then, surprisingly, another trainee, Lena, also left the agency at the end of 2014 and the remaining members eventually participated in the survival show "Sixteen" in 2015.


In May 2015, the first episode of Sixteen aired. 16 trainees from JYP Entertainment participated, hoping to debut in the new girl group at the end.

In the very first episode, the trainees were divided into two groups: Minor and Major. Major consisted of the seven trainees who were to debut and Minor consisted of the nine trainees who would try to replace the members from the Major team until the end of the show. The first division was based on the decision of the A&R team of JYP.
As you may have noticed, there were only seven spots on the Major Team! At that time, it was still planned that the new girl group would debut with seven members.

twice tzuyu and momo the story begins album image

After the last performance in the final, the Major Team consisted of Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Jihyo, Mina, Chaeyoung, Sana and Dahyun. With that, everything was decided and disappointment spread among the remaining trainees as well as their fans. But then Park Jin Young turned the tide when he announced that he felt Twice was incomplete and therefore decided to add two more members! One of those two was Tzuyu, who was particularly popular with viewers. Those who thought that nothing shocking could happen now were surprised again! As the last member of Twice, Park Jin Young namely called up Momo, who had already been eliminated in the sixth episode, completely unexpectedly! Momo had joined the audience with the other three Trainees who had been eliminated, and like everyone else, she was completely caught off guard. Park Jin Young explained that Momo, who was eliminated by a viewer vote, was chosen by him, the whole A&R team and the coaches.

With this last surprise, Twice was complete and ready to debut!

Stage NameReal NameBirthdayOrigin
NayeonIm Nayeon22.09.1995Korea
JeongyeonYoo Jeongyeon01.11.1996Korea
MomoHirai Momo09.11.1996Japan
SanaMinatozaki Sana29.12.1996Japan
JihyoPark Jihyo01.02.1997Korea
MinaMyoui MIna24.03.1997Japan
DahyunKim Dahyun28.03.1998Korea
ChaeyoungSon Chaeyoung23.04.1999Korea
TzuyuChou Tzuyu14.06.1999Taiwan

Several trainees who were eliminated in Sixteen have since also made it to the stage: Somi debuted in I.O.I and is now active as a solo artist. Chaeyeon made her debut in IZ*ONE and will be seen in the future either solo or in a new girl group. Jiwon debuted in fromis_9, Chaeryeong in Itzy and Natty as a solo artist.


The name of the girl group means that Twice will touch our hearts twice. Once through the ears and once through the eyes. All fans can confirm that the name is well chosen. Or are we the only ones who have spent hours watching the girl group's performances and listening to the music on continuous loop?

Twice debuted on October 20, 2015 with their first album "The Story Begins". In the title song "Like Ooh-Ahh" the members sing that they just want to fall in love and experience completely new feelings. With the happy music they even make zombie hearts beat!

In the charts, both were rather moderately successful at first; the album entered the Gaon Album Charts at number four and the title song reached number 22 on the Gaon Digital Charts. However, through subsequent performances and promotions, the girl group managed to turn things around and enter the top 10 of various Korean charts in mid-November! At the end of the year, Twice won the "Best New Female Artist Award" at the Mnet Asian Music Awards.

2016 - 2017: Page Two, Twicecoaster, Signal

With the first comeback, the girl group proved that the turnaround was not luck.
Released on April 24, 2016, the album "Page Two" entered at number two on the Gaon Album Chart and number six on the Billboard World Album Chart! In addition, the title track "Cheer Up" topped several real-time charts as well as the Gaon Digital Charts and the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100! "Cheer Up" also earned Twice their first ever music show win.

On October 20, Twice celebrated their first anniversary by releasing a new song called "One in a Million".

This is also included on the third album "Twicecoaster: Lane 1," which was released on October 24. The new album sold more copies in seven days than "Page Two" did in five months, and ended up being the best-selling album by a K-pop girl group in 2016! In addition, the title track "TT" topped the Gaon Digital charts for four consecutive weeks!

Not to mention: The gesture in the choreo where the members copy the crying emoji "TT" in the chorus is probably one of the most famous "dance moves" of the girl group to this day!

Towards the end of the year, Twice still celebrated some significant successes. The music video for "Like Ooh-Aah" reached 100 million views on YouTube in November. Only three K-pop girl groups had previously reached this milestone. In addition, Twice were the first to do it with a debut video! In addition, "Cheer Up" was named "Song of the Year" at both the "Melon Music Awards" and the "Mnet Asian Music Awards." So the new year can come!

The girl group started the year 2017 with a three-day concert in February under the title "Twice 1st Tour: Twiceland - The Opening". Then, at the end of February, the fourth album "Twicecoaster: Lane 2" was released. It is a repackage album, which contains the seven already known songs from Lane 1 as well as two brand new tracks. After several hits, it was no longer a big surprise at this point that the album and the title track "Knock Knock" reached several high chart positions. Among others, Twice topped the Gaon Album Charts and the Gaon Digital Charts.

After Twice released the fifth album "Signal" with the eponymous title track on May 15, it was time for something new once again. Twice announced their Japan debut!

Japan debut

The first compilation album "#Twice" was released on June 28, 2017. The 10-track list consists of the Korean and Japanese versions of the five previously released singles. Music videos for the Japanese versions of "Signal" and "TT" were already uploaded to Youtube in advance. The new video for Signal is almost identical to the original, but the video for "TT" is completely new:

Twice entered the Oricon album chart at number two, selling more copies in its first week than any other Korean artist in the last two years!

On October 5, Japanese fans once again had a reason to rejoice. On Youtube Twice first original Japanese single "One More Time" was released!

As you can see, the girl group has also established itself very quickly in the Japanese music scene and is now the most popular Korean idol group in Japan! The three Japanese members Momo, Mina and Sana are probably especially happy about this success!

2017 to date: Success in Korea, Japan and the USA!

From mid-2017 until today, Twice added eleven Korean albums, four Japanese albums and nine Japanese single albums to their discography! Let's take a look at the releases and the biggest achievements together!

Korean albums

AlbumTitle songRelease date
The Story BeginsLike Ooh-Aah20.10.2015
Page TwoCheer Up24.04.2016
Twicecoaster: Lane 1TT24.10.2016
Twicecoaster: Lane 2Knock Knock20.02.2017
Merry & HappyHeart Shaker11.12.2017
What Is Love?What Is Love?09.04.2018
Summer NightsDance The Night Away09.07.2018
Yes Or YesYes Or Yes05.11.2018
The Year Of YesThe Best Thing I Ever Did12.12.2018
Fancy YouFancy You22.04.2019
Feel SpecialFeel Special23.09.2019
More & MoreMore & More01.06.2020
Eyes Wide OpenI Can't Stop Me26.10.2020
Taste Of LoveAlcohol-Free11.06.2021
Formula Of Love: O+T=<3unknown

With their sixth album "Twicetagram” und dem Titelsong “Likey" Twice took the top spot on both the "Billboard World Album Charts" and the "Billboard World Digital Album Charts." This made the girl group the first female K-pop artist to top both charts at the same time! It wasn't until almost two years later that Twice placed on the song sales charts for the second time, this time with the song "Feel Special" from the album of the same name.

In 2018, the eighth album "What Is Love?" made the girl group the first female artist to receive a platinum award from KMCA (Korea Music Content Association) for selling over 250,000 copies.

In 2020, Twice released their fourteenth Korean album, "More and More". It set the record for the highest sales by a girl group in Gaon chart history!

Most recently, "Taste of Love" was released in June with the title track "Alcohol-Free". The album entered the Billboard 200 at #6, making Twice the first female Korean artist to make it into the Top 10! In addition, "Taste of Love" is Twice's best-selling album in the U.S. to date.

Japanese albums

AlbumSingle albumRelease date
(Compilation Album)
One More Time18.10.2017
Candy Pop07.02.2018
Wake Me Up16. 05.2018
I Want You Back
(Jackson 5 Cover)
BDZ -Repackage-26.12.2018
(Compilation Album)
Happy Happy17.07.2019
(Compilation Album)
Kura Kura12.05.2021
Perfect World28.07.2021

The third Japanese single "Wake Me Up" became the first physical release by a foreign artist in 2018 to go double platinum!

That same year, Twice set more impressive records in Japan with the Japanese album "BDZ" (Bulldozer): For example, the album sold more than 89,700 copies on the first day after its release in Japan. No K-pop girl group has ever achieved such high sales figures in Japan on the first day after an album's release! In addition, Twice is only the fifth foreign artist in Oricon chart history to top both the Weekly Singles Chart and the Album Chart!

In 2019, several Japanese releases helped Twice become the best-selling foreign artist of the year in Japan. Among them, the girl group released its second compilation album "#Twice2" in March, selling over 200,000 copies in its first week.

In September 2020, Twice topped the Orican charts for the seventh time with "#Twice3"! After BoA, the girl group is only the second female foreign artist to achieve this!

Unlike #Twice, #Twice2 and #Twice3 consist entirely of Japanese songs.

twice english single the feels poster

In the six years since their debut, Twice has set a number of records and achieved successes that others can only dream of. Nevertheless, the girl group does not sit back and still releases one hit after another!

Just recently, the girl group topped the global YouTube music video charts with their first original English single "The Feels" and placed in the Billboard Hot 100 for the first time! So international fans can probably look forward to more English songs in the future.

In addition, Twice has already announced a new Korean album, which will be released on November 12. You can find out more about "Formula of Love" here!

As if that wasn't enough, a new Japanese single called "Doughnut" is also set to hit the charts in December!
We can't wait!


twice jihyo jeongyeon selfie in outfits from dance the night away music video

Did you know that both Jihyo and Jeongyeon changed their birth names?
Jeongyeon was originally named Kyung Wan. Unfortunately, she was bullied for this as a child, as "Kyung Wan" is more commonly known as a boy's name. It got so bad that her mother decided to change her daughter's name to "Jeongyeon". Jeongyeon was and still is very happy about the change. By the way, she has two older sisters, one of whom is active as an actress! Gong Seungyeon has played several leading roles in K-dramas, including "Are You Human?".

Jihyo used to be called Jisoo, even when she was still a trainee, but before "Sixteen" she changed her name to "Jihyo". It was never officially explained why, but fans believe it's because there are already many Jisoo's in the entertainment industry and she wanted to stand out.

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